About Us

jsp perez finals-437Hi, we’re Adam & Erica Perez! We’re a couple from Madison, WI who is always staying busy. On the weekends you can likely find us at our local home improvement store shopping for supplies for our latest project, dining out at a new restaurant, or just staying busy in general. What most people we know don’t likely know about us is that we have been trying to start a family since we got married in May of 2012. We never thought the journey to starting a family would take us as long as it has so far, and we certainly did not expect the heartbreak that would come with it.

This blog will be primarily focused on our journey to become a family of three (at least to start with!), but will also include other posts about what we’re up to, what our latest renovation project is, etc. My goal in making this blog and actually publishing it for my friends and family to see is to shine a light on the journey that is trying to conceive. Before experiencing difficulties of our own and opening up to a few people, I never knew how common it is to either have difficulty conceiving or difficulty carrying to term. It is a topic that isn’t often spoken of because it is deeply personal and at times, I think people can feel ashamed about it.


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