A Refreshing Change

After writing my last post, I had really accepted that we would need to take at least a month off, as the continual TTCing was really getting to my husband. But instead, I have been pleasantly surprised how the month has gone.

Adam suggested that I not tell him when it was that time. Initially, I was completely turned off to the whole idea. In my head it seemed like I would be lying to him, but Adam assured me that he didn’t care. After mulling it over in my head I decided to give it a try. I kept temping like usual and started doing OPKs as I would normally do, but instead of leaving my evidence in the trash I stuffed all the test trips in the back of a bathroom drawer out of sight. I was nervous about initiating too early and then needing to initiate a few times over a short period of time, fearing that he would be on to me and we’d be back to square one.  I decided to wait for a positive OPK before planning my “attack”. It went off without a hitch!

About 4 days after the big O day I asked my husband how he thought this cycle had gone and he said he hadn’t even known it was that time already. He had had no idea. Success! I told him I was nervous about initiating two days in a row and he said I should have.  That without the constant reminders about needing to get busy, he actually felt in the mood much more frequently. I was delighted to hear this.

Today is 8DPO and I am really not sure if things worked out or not yet. I did almost pee on a stick this morning, but for once, the rational me said “girl, you’re 8DPO. Are you nuts?!” and won the battle over emotional me. Even if they don’t work out this cycle, I am hopeful about this new strategy we’re trying. It might not work to do it every month with my travel schedule for work, but we’ll give it a try.  And hey — maybe, just maybe, this month will be our lucky month to get a BFP and a healthy pregnancy along with it!

Who will win the POAS battle tomorrow?! At 9DPO it’s really a toss-up between Emotional Me and Rational Me. Emotional Me says, “But maybe you can be one of those lucky ones that finds out at 9DPO. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!” while Rational Me says, “Come on. You know that very very very few people find out at 9DPO. 9DPO is the most common day for implantation to even happen! You should wait.”




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